Genji Siraisi - DRUM NUGS                                                                                                          2/21/09
Please feel free to use these drum loops however you wish. All I ask is that you please credit me and when possible include this text or at least my site Of course if you really like these a donation would be kindly appreciated.
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The only other condition for using these is that I ask that you not redistribute the loops in their raw form. These samples are all royalty free. The free loops are, of course, intended for promotion but I do hope that they will inspire creativity and be used and enjoyed by many so if you like them please send people to get them from my site!
These drum loops were recorded during a Groove Collective tour in Europe in 2008. I recorded them during sound checks and later edited, mastered and in some cases processed them quite heavily.
There are pictures and notes about the places and drum kits that were used for these recordings at:
NAMING CONVENTION: The first 3 letters of the file indicates where it was recorded (HAN = Hannover, LNZ = Lintz, OBT = Oberwart and PAS = Passau)
The # following that is the recording clip, followed by the GROOVE# and sub # and then bpm. So HAN4GROOVE1.02.110bpm is the 4th clip recorded in Hannover, the first groove of that recording clip, the second loop of that groove and it's 110bpm.
Genji Siraisi